Influencer Marketing without the proper checks & transparency will not work

Aleksandr Frolov CEO, HypeAuditor
»It's not enough to only verify the number of followers and the engagement rate. Over 30% of followers of Switzerland influencers are not real and 2 of 5 likes are non-authentic.«

Influencer fraud on Instagram is the rising problem in the industry. This is a problem that plagues companies across the market and German brands are also at risk. According to our internal research, more than 60% of influencers from Germany use artificial methods to increase their follower count or engagement.
Metrics that most marketers use at the moment don't work anymore. They could be easily inflated by influencers.
Fortunately, with the technology available, we are able to use such things as AI and machine learning to analyze Big Data and identify the quality of influencers in an easy and transparent way.